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Overcaller's Rebids

If partner hasn't promised any strength, the overcaller should only bid again with a very good hand.

The following are the overcaller's rebids if partner has bid 1 of a suit (with as little as 0 points).

Response Meaning
1NTIf your immediate 1NT overcall shows a balanced 15-18 HCP with a stopper, then this shows a bad 18 to 20 HCP. Not forcing.
2NT21-22 HCP, balanced, promising a stopper. Not forcing.
A new suit

Natural, 5+ cards, 19+ points. Not forcing.

Single raise of partner's suit

16-18 points, 4+ card support. Not forcing.
Jump raise of partner's suit

19-21 points, 4+ card support. Not forcing.

19+ points, one-round force. No other suitable bid.

Any other bid (such as raising to game, leaping to 3NT, raising 1NT to 2NT etc.), is strong. If you play splinter bids, you can treat a jump cue-bid in the enemy suit as a splinter in support of partner's suit.

See also

  • Equal Level Conversion
    A method of showing certain 4-5 hands after a takeout double.

  • Lightner Double
    A lead-directing double of an enemy slam contract.

  • Low-Level Penalty Double
    A double of an enemy partscore that isn't artificial, e.g. takeout.

  • Maximal Double
    A conventional double used as a major suit game try.

  • Negative Double
    A conventional double used by responder after opener starts the bidding with one-of-a-suit and the next player makes a suit overcall.

  • Optional Double
    A conventional double made after an opponent has opened the bidding with a preempt.

  • Responsive Double
    A conventional double used when partner makes a takeout double and the next player raises his partner's suit.

  • Snapdragon Double
    A conventional double by fourth seat after the first three players bid three different suits.

  • SOS Redouble
    A conventional redouble that asks partner to bid a new suit.

  • Stripe-Tailed Ape Double
    A double of an enemy game contract, in hopes of stopping the opponents from continuing on to slam.

  • Support Double
    A conventional double used by opener after partner makes a suit response and the next player overcalls.

  • Thrump Double
    A double of a 3-level preempt asking partner to bid 3NT with a stopper.