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MUD refers to the order in which a defender plays three small cards. The opening lead is the middle card, followed by the higher card and then lower card, In comparison to leading "low from three small", MUD tries to convey weakness in the suit. At the same time, MUD tries to avoid being confused with a doubleton when the higher card is played at the defender's second turn.


  • 9-5-2 — lead the 5.

  • 8-6-3 — lead the 6.

  • 9-8-7 — some players would lead the 8, but others would lead the 9 (top of sequence). This requires partnership discussion.

See also

    5NT Pick a Slam
    A conventional 5NT bid that asks partner to choose a small slam.

  • Ace from Ace-King
    The practice of leading the ace when holding the ace and king of a suit.

  • Fourth-best leads
    The practice of leading the 4th-highest card from a 4-card holding or longer.

  • Jack denies, Ten implies
    A lead agreement whereby the jack denies a higher honor, but the 10 does not.

  • Journalist leads
    A conventional system of leads used against no-trump contracts.

  • Rusinow leads
    The practice of leading the second-ranking honor from any two honors like A-K or K-Q.

  • Standard leads
    A table of standard leads against suit and no-trump contracts.

  • Third and fifth leads
    The practice of leading the 3rd or 5th highest card from a long suit.