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See also

  • Colorful Cue Bid
    An older, conventional cuebid to show a two-suited hand based on suit color.

  • Copenhagen
    A set of specialized jump overcalls that show two-suited hands.

  • Defense to Michaels
    A conventional defense employed by the opening side after an enemy Michaels cuebid.

  • Ghestem
    An overcall structure for showing any type of two-suited hand.

  • Leaping Michaels
    An extension of the Michaels convention for use after an opposing weak two.

  • Roman Jump Overcalls
    A set of 2-level jump overcalls that show two-suited hands.

  • Sandwich No-trump
    A 1NT overcall that shows a weak two-suited hand.

  • Unusual 2NT
    A conventional 2NT overcall to show the two lowest unbid suits.