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Names in bold indicate an expert player. My criteria for "expert" is a world championship, a prominent national championship, and/or writing at a national level.

  • Ramesh Abhiraman
    A blog covering a variety of bidding and play topics, mostly from Bridge Base Online (BBO).

  • Phillip Alder
    Writer and New York Times bridge columnist.

  • Thomas Andrews
    Thomas's Bridge Fantasia includes articles, free software and interesting tidbits.

  • Andre Asbury
    Bridge Maniacs recounts many tournament hands played by the author.

  • Franco Baseggio
    Not regularly updated, but a blog primarily on bidding and play.

  • Marty Bergen
    Leading bridge author ("Points Schmoints"), online lessons, booklets, books, cruises and more. Mention "BRIDGEBUM" when placing a book order to get 2 free softcover books when you buy 1 hardcover.

  • Larry Cohen
    American expert, writer and teacher. Loads of articles. Books and software for sale.

  • Kitty Cooper
    Kitty's website for helping beginning and intermediate players, as well as fellow bridge teachers.

  • Diyan Danailov
    Bulgarian expert and professional. The site includes a few quizzes and blog articles.

  • Hugh Darwen
    Double Dummy Corner is not regularly maintained, but includes many fun double-dummy problems.

  • Kent Feiler
    Writings and an online deal generator.

  • Marvin L. French
    An intelligent set of writings on bidding, bridge laws, squeezes and more by the late Marvin French.

  • Paul Gipson
    Includes a link to his blog, The Beer Card, named for the 7.

  • Jeff Goldsmith
    Software utilities and many good articles.

  • Andrew Gumperz
    Well-written articles on a wide variety of topics.

  • Sid and Abby Ismail
    Bridge by Sid and Abby in South Africa. Includes quizzes and humor.

  • Eddie Kantar
    Tips, humor and books for sale by the 2-time world champion.

  • Ron Klinger
    Australian expert and writer. Daily problems, weekly quizzes, and an online bookstore.

  • Mike Lawrence
    3-time world champion, bridge author, professional and teacher. Many articles. Book and software online store.

  • Phillip Martin
    The Gargoyle Chronicles is an interesting blog about bridge play. See also Phillip Martin's Bridge Articles.

  • Richard Pavlicek
    American expert, writer and teacher. Tons of quizzes, articles, and more. The best site on the Web for pure bridge content. Unfortunately, Richard no longer updates the site but it's still a trove of information.

  • Ken Rexford
    Cuebidding At Bridge is a blog focusing on intermediate and advanced bidding concepts.

  • Rod Roark - Bridge in Oz
  • Rod was the original programmer for OKbridge, the first graphical user interface for playing bridge on the Internet. This site is his discussion forum for bridge players in Australia.

  • Andrew Robson
    Andrew Robson's Bridge Club. Articles, online lessons, and more.
  • Chris Ryall
    Writeups of bidding conventions, some very detailed.

  • Harold Schogger
    Some free online videos and articles.

  • Howard Schutzman
    Online bridge teacher on Bridge Base Online.

  • Barnet Shenkin
    Scottish expert and writer. Includes stories and online video lessons.

  • David Stevenson
    Conventions and bridge laws.

  • John Swanson
    A few articles and creative Christmas stories.

  • Robert Todd
    Some free articles, along with information about paid seminars and cruises.

  • Lakshmanan Valliappa
    Too Late Now! is a blog that recounts the author's mishaps at the bridge table.

  • Jannes van't Oever
    Teacher and bridge pro. The blog Vikings in Space is named after Viking Precision.

  • Karen Walker
    Karen's Bridge Library contains a lot of information about bidding, as well as declarer play and defense. Good stuff.

...And last but not least, a site dedicated to bridge blogs.

  • Bridge Blogging is a blog site hosted by Master Point Press. Including (but not limited to):