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See also

  • A Bergen Disaster
    An article about opponents taking advantage of a Bergen raise.

  • Bergen Game Try
    An artificial 2NT game try by opener after the auction begins 1M:2M.

    Conventional raises after an opening 1/ bid and an opposing takeout double.

  • Interview with Marty Bergen
    An interview with Marty Bergen, the inventor of Bergen raises.

  • Jacoby 2NT
    A 2NT response to 1/ showing game-forcing support.

  • Jordan 2NT
    An artificial 2NT raise after the opponents make a takeout double. Shows limit raise values or better.

  • The Law of Total Tricks
    A bidding philosophy based on trump-suit fits around the table.

  • Limit Raises
    A major suit jump raise that shows game-invitational values and 4-card support.

  • Modified Bergen Raises - Bravos
    A treatment that enables Bergen Raises to also indicate a short suit or void.

  • Reversed Splinters
    A variation of splinters in which the bid suit shows shortness in another suit.

  • Splinters
    A double-jump shift to show unbalanced, game-forcing support in response to a major suit.