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July 13, 2019

After a long hiatus, I've updated the site with SSL (security), fixes for broken links, and code cleanup. The site should generally run faster and more securely now. I'll be continuing the cleanup for several weeks before turning my attention back to content quality.

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Modified Bergen Raises - Bravos

December 17, 2017

By Bob Denby. A treatment that enables Bergen Raises to also indicate a short suit or void.


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Bidding Conventions

A list of all 130+ bidding conventions, principles and systems on this site.  


SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card) is a 5-card major bidding system popular in online bridge.  

Famous Bridge Players

Famous bridge players, both celebrities and professionals.  

Bergen Raises

Bergen raises are a form of specialized major-suit raises after a 1H or 1S opening.  

Jacoby 2NT

Jacoby 2NT is an artificial, game-forcing response to partner's 1M opening bid (e.g. 1 : 2NT).  

Jacoby Transfers

Jacoby Transfers are used when partner bids no-trumps and you hold a 5+ card major.  

Michaels Cuebid

The Michaels convention is a type of cuebid that shows a two-suited hand.  

Lebensohl After a 1NT Opening Bid

Lebensohl is a convention used when your partner opens 1NT and the next player makes an overcall.  

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Charles Goren
"It was George [Kaufman] who pointed out that you could always hold good cards merely by sitting South. 'No matter who writes the books or articles,' he said, 'South holds the most terrific cards that I ever saw. There is a lucky fellow if I ever saw one.'"

— Charles Goren